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Email Newsletter 07/07/2014

In This Issue

Check out one of Teresa Meister's latest pieces "Goddess Rising" Necklace and Earrings.

This piece incorporates both bead weaving and wire, so they are a progression of the projects in her book Creative Seed Bead Connections!

In this newsletter you will find:

  • Visit Your Local Bead Shop month

  • Retailer seminar success

  • Discounted book and free project

  • A timeless metalwork reference

  • New catalog coming your way

  • Books being eliminated

  • Don't fear the small screen

Visit Your Local Bead Shop!

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Retailer Breakfast Seminar

The 2014 Annual Bead&Button Show Retailer Breakfast was a Success!

This year we decided to try a new format of round table discussions with 6 bead stores leading conversations, each on a different topic: Employee training and retention, classes and workshops, community outreach, promotion & advertising, managing your inventory, and merchandising. This approach proved to be very positive as it encouraged open conversation between many different bead shops with many different concerns, as well as success stories.

We would like to give a big thanks to our 2014 table leaders:

  • Pam Kearns, BeadFX

  • Rebecca Combs, Design & Adorn Beading Studio

  • Fran Marsh, Frani's Beads

  • Kathy Anane, La Bead, Oh!

  • Sue Wise, The Bead Gallery

  • Stephanie Goff, Beadjoux Bead Store

We would like to highlight in each newsletter a piece of information that we found of interest that was discussed at the event. This was one that got a lot of buzz:

Looking to promote your store to a wider area in your community? Invest in license plate frames that have the name of your store and phone number on them. Purchase 50 or so and hand them out to your best customers. You will have free advertising, and when they ask the driver about the shop your best customers will be singing your praise.

Try it and see how it works for you!

Sign up was great for the event, however we still encountered a handful of people who didn't show up on the day of the event. So in 2015 we are going to keep the successful round table format but do the sign up a bit differently. Next year you will be asked to register for the breakfast and get a ticket at a cost of $10.00 each. When you attend the breakfast your store will get a credit of $20.00 for Kalmbach product. So look for the event when you receive the 2015 Bead&Button Show catalog. Registration opens January 6, 2015.

Look for more tips and offers in the next newsletter!

Newsletter Offer!

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As a newsletter subscriber, for the month of July you get the benefit of purchasing Bead Tube Jewelry at a discounted price!

PLUS, you will receive this bracelet and earring set project for FREE to teach as a class!

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Timeless Metal Reference

Help your customers get started with metal!

Essential Techniques: Making Metal Jewelry is a go-to reference for beginning jewelry makers and experienced metalsmiths alike. Inside, artists will find:

  • Step-by-step tutorials for fundamental metal techniques and cold connections.

  • Skill-building exercises for each essential skill.

  • Easy-to-follow instructions, photos, and illustrations.

  • An introduction to tools and materials.

US Price $14.99 | Available August

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The 2014 Jewelry Catalog Supplement is Coming Your Way!

Keep your eyes open for a bright green envelope in your mailbox. This contains your catalog supplement announcing our new jewelry-making books. You aren't going to want to miss these new books on bead crochet, bead embroidery, macramé, wire weaving, copper jewelry, crystal jewelry, SuperDuos, and paracord jewelry!

Limited Quantities

Get these books before they are gone!

By the end of July, these books will no longer be available for purchase. Make sure you get the copies you need before they are gone! Call your sales rep to order them today (800-558-1544)!

Did you know ...

Kumihimo Basics & Beyond was the top selling book in the Kalmbach Booth at this year's Bead&Button Show.

Business News You Can Use

Don't fear the small screen

Yes, 'showrooming' happens -- but brick-and-mortar stores have strengths the others can't match. 

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